Miami Cocktail Branding

Introducing Organic, Premium Canned Cocktails from Wynwood to the World.

From the minute we met these delightful, ready-to-drink cocktails that hail from our own Glue IQ HQ neighborhood, we were smitten and knew we wanted to bring them to the world. It was clear that the insides of these vibrant cans and quaint craft bottles are as refreshing as their outsides: the taste is exceptional, the ingredient curation masterful, and the product design, definitely Wynwood/Miami worthy.

From Product to Platform, Refreshing in Every Way.

Taking on a category that’s quickly surpassed the volume size of any other spirits category is a tall order for any challenger. Our Year One approach was to seek ways to be bold and authentic – refreshingly real – in crowded spaces. Because every single brand encounter is media, we created a holistic design system that included product and package design, website design, advertising campaign work, social media and point of sale moments. We also worked with high reach influencers like Goop to activate and signal the brand as a better-for-you cocktail that celebrates healthy, refreshingly real lifestyles.

In Year 2, we introduced a more surgical challenger brand strategy: We set out to help MCC become the champion and curator for, not only what is refreshing about the product, but also for what is refreshing in the world –moments, posts, stories, notions. This story system would not only talk about being refreshing but behave in a way that feels refreshing to our audiences. The campaign would begin to introduce a human element through moments that feel refreshing to the soul and offer a feel-good social currency that our audiences would be proud to be a part of. Across all channels, the experience of Miami Cocktail would reach beyond the tired category beach, poolside, and party vibe, and offer our discerning audiences a grownup experience commensurate with the no-fake, globally-sourced ingredients and evolved nature of these craft cocktails – with a refreshingly real moment at every turn inviting them to #rethinkyourdrink.

Miami Cocktail Brand Color Palette
Gwyneth Paltrow Miami Cocktail Ad
Miami Cocktail Print AD copy
Miami Cocktail Box Designs


GlueIQ Droplet 45% Organic Follower Growth

GlueIQ Droplet 16X Fan Engagement

GlueIQ Droplet US & Expanded International Distribution

Services Rendered

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Narrative Strategy
  • Promo / Segmentation
  • Website Design
  • Digital Merchandising
  • Paid Social Advertising Content
  • Creative Influencer Marketing
  • Point of Sale Marketing
  • Package Design
  • B2B Distributor Marketing
  • Campaign Strategy: Media + Big Idea

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